The OneTouch WheelBase® System from UMF Medical

The OneTouch WheelBase® System from UMF Medical makes moving our ProGlide Series of products as easy as pushing a pedal. The integrated central-locking wheelbase with an intuitive foot pedal enables staff to move the equipment easily and quickly for cleaning, then lock it solidly into place for exams.

Reasons you need the OneTouch WheelBase® System

  • Quickly gain access to clean and disinfect under and around the exam table, helping to reduce healthcare-associated infections.
  • Conveniently flex room space - no more heavy lifting is needed to move equipment.
  • Comfortably accommodate more patients – equipment is easy to move if a patient needs more room to access the exam table or procedure chair.

According to the National Institute of Health, 13 studies supported the hypothesis that shoe soles are a vector for infectious pathogens. (1)

Floors are worthy of disinfection not just when they are visibly contaminated. (2)

Sources: 1 NIH, Nov. 2016; 2 American Journal of Infection Control, March 2017

Products Featuring the
OneTouch WheelBase® System

FusionONE+ ProGlide 3500 Series

FusionONE ProGlide 3000 Series

ProGlide 4040-650-300

ProGlide 4070-650-300

ProGlide 4010-650-300

ProGlide 4011-650-300

ProGlide 5016-650-300