Seamless, Durable Upholstery with PreFixx® Protective Finish

Our seamless, durable upholstery with PreFixx® Protective Finish is designed for easy cleaning. This helps to reduce the risk of infection in the outpatient setting, especially in vulnerable patient populations, while maintaining the aesthetics of the exam room through our 16 color options.

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Features of our upholstery with PreFixx® Protective Finish

  • Non-porous and engineered for repeated cleaning and disinfection
  • Compatible with a broad range of common healthcare cleaners and disinfectants
  • Resists bacteria growth, staining, discoloration, damage, scuffs and abrasions
  • Eco-preferred and does not contain phthalates, fire retardants, or antimicrobial additives

Between 2020 and 2021, HAI cases rose:

MRSA - 14%, VAE - 12%, SSI-HYST - 11%, CLABSI - 7%, CAUTI - 5% [1]

Infections cost the healthcare industry $28.4 billion each year [2]

Sources: [1] CDC, HAI Data, 2022 [2] CDC, Health Topics – Healthcare-associated Infections (HAI), 2021

Available in Classic and Premium upholstery options on our FusionONE Series of Power Exam Tables

Our upholstery with PreFixx® Protective Finish is available in 16 colors

Soft Linen swatch

Soft Linen

Cement swatch

Smoky Cashmere

Warm Sand swatch

Warm Sand

Creamy Latte swatch

Creamy Latte

Chocolate Truffle swatch

Chocolate Truffle

Lemon Meringue swatch

Lemon Meringue

Cherry Blossom swatch

Cherry Blossom

Blue Skies swatch

Blue Skies

Lakeside Blue swatch

Lakeside Blue

Twilight Blue swatch

Twilight Blue

Morning Fog swatch

Morning Fog

Fine Wine swatch

Fine Wine

True Graphite swatch

True Graphite

Classic Black swatch

Classic Black

Mint Leaf swatch

Mint Leaf

Deep Forest swatch

Deep Forest


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