Overlooked Places to Clean on Your Exam Table

Author: Karlee ReynoldsDate: December 4, 2020Categories: Blog, Exam Tables, Infection Prevention
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Keeping things running smoothly in a healthcare facility can be difficult. When you juggle patients, clinician satisfaction, staff needs and much more, it leaves a lot of seemingly menial tasks and areas to be overlooked. However, in this volatile healthcare climate, it is vital all parts of your exam table be cleaned to help reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAIs).

Reaching those often-overlooked areas that should be cleaned will help eliminate substantial health risks for you and your patients. In addition, it can save your organization time and money in the long run.

Hidden Upholstery Crevices

Cleaning and disinfecting exam table upholstery with medical-grade cleaners and disinfectants is the most obvious item to cross off your cleaning checklist. But have you considered the folds and crevices where the upholstery back attaches to the table? What about the edges and just underneath the upholstery top, where patients often place their hands?

It can be difficult to clean upholstery that is not easily removable, leaving more opportunity for bacteria, dust and dirt to linger. As a result, these substances can build up on the exam table over time and create health risks to patients and staff. Therefore, removable upholstered tops are better for thorough cleaning.

Under the Exam Table

Fluids and other substances that make their way under your exam table can create major health risks if they are not given attention. The floor underneath and around your exam table can tend to be out of sight and out of mind. It is critical to move your exam table to clean regularly. Not only can it help prevent HAIs, but it can prevent slips and falls, and damage to your facility and equipment itself.

Exam tables with an easy-to-use wheelbase make it feasible to move an exam table daily for cleaning (without electrical power) with a simple touch of a foot pedal.

Handles, Switches and Accessories

Don’t forget frequently touched areas that feel like second-nature areas. For example, drawer warmer switches, back release handles, and stirrups are touched and used all day long. In a time when infectious diseases are rapidly changing the healthcare landscape, it is more important than ever that every component of your exam table be properly cleaned and disinfected daily. Ideally, it should be between every patient.

It is easy to be distracted with the many demands in our workday. To prevent overlooking these important exam room areas, implement a cleaning checklist for you or your staff to ensure all areas, glaring or often overlooked, are cleaned and disinfected.