3 Reasons to Move Your Exam Table to Clean

Author: Stephanie MurrayDate: November 25, 2020Categories: Blog, Exam Tables, Infection Prevention
Move your exam table to clean

Children vomit. Noses run. Wounds ooze. Blood drips. Fluids spill. These substances can get onto your exam table, the floor around the exam table and even underneath it. Many times, when these substances make their way to the floor and under an exam table, they are left out of sight and out of mind. However, these hidden substances can create substantial health risks for you and your patients as well as cost your organization time and money. Here are 3 reasons it is critical to move your exam table to clean regularly.

#1 – Help prevent slips and falls

Medical professionals are in the business of treating and improving patients’ health, and keeping facilities safe and clean are vital keys to success. A slip or fall is more likely to occur when floors are wet from any number of substances being spilled or dripped on them. These accidents can cause serious injury, lost workdays, reduced productivity, permanent disability or even worse.

#2 – Help prevent HAIs

According to the National Institutes for Health, thirteen studies were identified that supported the hypothesis that shoe soles are a vector for infectious pathogens. Fluids spilled or dripped onto the floor can transfer onto shoe soles and spread onto other surfaces, and items dropped onto the floor can potentially spread these pathogens.
In a time when infectious diseases are rapidly changing the healthcare landscape, it is more important than ever for your exam tables to help reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) and not contribute to them.

#3 – Prevent damage to your facility & exam tables

When allowed to dry, fluid spills or drips can lead to sticky, hard, discolored areas on the floor or exam table. As a result, the exam table may become stuck to the floor, and when moved for cleaning, relocation, or repair, it can cause thousands of dollars in damage to the facility and equipment.

Time is precious when it comes to keeping on schedule in a busy healthcare facility, but patient and staff safety should always be a priority. Move the exam table to clean the floor properly throughout each exam room. It will help minimize hazards, reduce the risk of HAIs and injury, and save time and money in the long run.

Knowing the reasons to move your exam table to clean, ensure your exam tables aren’t otherwise harboring bacteria.