Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Guarantee*

Make a major impact on your bottom line.


Are you challenged to reduce both capital and operational expenses without sacrificing staff and patient experience?

Considering most facilities own power exam tables and procedure chairs for 10-15 years, UMF Medical’s Lowest Total Cost of Ownership Guarantee helps to reduce Total Cost of Ownership for power exam tables and procedure chairs with innovative technology that can meet or exceed your current clinical standards.

Here's how

Competitive & Flexible Acquisition Programs

Delivery - Installation - Disposal

Life Cycle Management Program

Service & Repair

  • Build the table you want! Offering three models in each series, we provide multiple features and accessories to meet your needs.
  • Purchase through your desired medical/surgical distributor of choice.
  • Maximize your GPO contract or develop local agreements to fit your need.
  • Standardize your exam table fleet over time with multi-year replacement schedules.
  • Our dedicated project manager will streamline your ordering process, quickly answer any questions, and create custom delivery and installation programs to fit your budget and needs.
  • Our project team can oversee your installation and quickly answer any questions that may arise.
  • Purchase UMF Medical exam tables or procedure chairs, and we will design a program to remove decommissioned product from your facility.
  • Training/Product Optimization: Our strategic partnership with the MTMC Sales Team brings you more focused attention from discovery and demo to in-service and installation, and throughout the product life cycle.
  • Maintenance: UMF Medical has intentionally designed and engineered our power exam tables and procedure chairs not to require any preventative maintenance; helping to reduce the added monetary burden of yearly service checks.
  • Receive a standard, best-in-industry, 3-year warranty on all power exam tables and procedure chairs.
  • Simply scan a QR code to register your equipment's warranty, receive additional product information or request live, technical support.
  • Experience our unparalleled five-star customer service.

Learn how we are empowering healthcare providers to maximize their ROI

*Disclaimer: Facility must meet eligibility requirements as outlined in the LTCO contract.