UMF Medical Unveils Cost-Effective, ADA-Accessible Power Exam Table, Making ADA Access More Feasible for Every Exam Room

Author: Tom HavrillaDate: June 5, 2022Categories: News
FusionONE+ Cost-Effective, ADA-Accessible Power Exam Table

JOHNSTOWN, PAJune 6, 2022 – UMF Medical unveils a cost-effective, ADA-accessible power exam table, making ADA Access more feasible for every exam room. The FusionONE+™ Power Exam Table makes it more economical for healthcare providers to accommodate patients of all ages and abilities in the exam room.

“Now more than ever, hospitals and clinics are facing challenging financial decisions regarding resources. Unfortunately, access to state-of-the-art exam tables is one of them,” said Eileen Melvin, President & CEO of UMF Medical. “We wanted to make available an affordable, ADA-accessible power exam table that enables healthcare providers to meet the needs of the changing patient population in the post-COVID world.”

With the accessibility of a power exam table and the affordability of a fixed-height box table, the new FusionONE+ was designed based on the success of its manual back predecessor. Now available with a power backrest, the FusionONE+ series makes it easy to position patients for exams and return to a seated position safely and comfortably.

“Healthcare is rapidly changing,” said Melvin. “About 50% of adults over age 65 have a disability, and the population over age 65 will nearly double by 2060. Accessibility, safety, and comfort are important for patients, and we’re excited to offer our front-line workers affordable exam tables that meet these patient needs.”

The FusionONE+ Power Exam Table can accommodate multiple specialties and is offered in two models – 3502 & 3503. Each model provides varying features to accommodate diverse clinical needs and budgets.

The model 3503 comes fully equipped with a power back, foot control, front storage drawer, reversible side storage drawer, stirrups, drawer warmer, pelvic tilt, and electrical receptacle.

For more information on UMF Medical’s FusionONE+ cost-effective, ADA-accessible power exam table, please visit, contact your sales representative, or call UMF Medical Customer Service at 800-638-8726.

UMF Medical is a trusted manufacturer of innovative exam room equipment for physician’s offices, hospitals, and clinics worldwide. Headquartered in Johnstown, PA, in 1956, UMF Medical is a Women’s Business Enterprise, helping providers meet rapidly changing healthcare needs. Recently named Exporter of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration, UMF Medical’s world-class exam room solutions include exam tables and tables, procedure tables, casework, mobile cabinets, physician stools and tables, stainless steel instrument tables, IV poles, bassinets, and cabinets.

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