Upgrade Your Clinic: Essential Accessories to Complement Your Exam Table

Author: Tom HavrillaDate: September 18, 2023Categories: Blog

When it comes to exam tables, we often focus on the piece itself — its style, function, and durability. However, there’s an aspect that is often overlooked: accessories. Healthcare facilities must consider the specific needs of their medical practice, the types of examinations they commonly perform, and the comfort and safety of their patients. Selecting essential accessories that complement your exam table align with your clinical requirements and ensure a positive patient experience is essential.

Here are some essential accessories to consider


Essential Accessory: Armrests

Armrests on examination tables can be an essential accessory that plays a significant role in enhancing patient comfort, facilitating proper positioning, reducing muscle fatigue, and contributing to the overall quality of medical examinations. They are valuable in healthcare settings that prioritize patient care and safety.


Essential Accessory: Premium Upholstery

Upholstery on exam tables is essential for patient comfort, infection control, safety, support during examinations, and compliance with healthcare regulations. Choosing suitable upholstery materials and proper maintenance is crucial for safeguarding the well-being of patients and clinicians.


Essential Accessory: Hand Controls

Easy to use and understand hand controls can improve efficiency and reduce the risk of injury to patients and healthcare providers. Creating a safe, comfortable, and efficient environment for medical examinations and procedures is essential.


Essential Accessory: Bierhoff Knee Crutches

Knee crutches, also known as knee supports or leg supports, facilitate proper positioning and reduce muscle fatigue, especially those involving the lower extremities.


Essential Accessory: Lighting Adapters

Many healthcare facilities use specific lighting during examinations to optimize visibility, minimize discomfort, enhance safety, and ensure accurate assessments and diagnoses. Ensure that your examination table can accommodate your specialized needs.

Remember, these essential accessories that complement your exam table cater to specific needs and preferences. They aren’t just add-ons but critical components that can benefit patients and clinicians alike.