3 Reasons Flexing Room Space Can Benefit Your Facility

Author: Kaitlyn CarneyDate: January 30, 2024Categories: Blog
3 Reasons Flexing Room Space Can Benefit Your Facility

Flexing room space can benefit your facility by reorganizing or repurposing existing space to transform it to fit a facility’s changing needs. An exam room with flexing space is an area a healthcare facility can use for various purposes and exams. Integrating exam rooms with flex space into your healthcare facility means you can optimize the room and fit it to the changing needs of your facility and patient population.

Here are a few ways flex spaces can help your facility:


Accommodate wheelchairs and stretchers

While exam rooms are beginning to get smaller and smaller, it is important to consider accessibility when designing the set-up of your exam room. Having the ability to rearrange the room at any given time to accommodate a wheelchair or stretcher allows you to serve a broader patient population and reduce the strain on staff from having to otherwise assist these patients.


Perform multiple patient services in one room

The option to perform multiple patient services in one room optimizes the space and allows you to schedule patients to the room, not the room to the patient. This also cuts down on unused exam rooms, meaning you can see more patients at a higher volume, boosting your throughput.


Repurpose rooms

Flex space allows you to do more than rearrange your exam room. It also allows you to repurpose the room completely. In times of crisis or need, exam rooms with flex space may have to be used for different services or as long-term care areas. This flexibility means that healthcare facilities can make the most of their available space.

Flex room opens a myriad of options for your exam rooms

A vital factor to consider when creating flex space is the design of your exam table. Many exam tables are stationary or require additional parts to move, making repositioning strenuous and difficult. Having an exam table with a built-in wheelbase system allows you to conveniently move your exam table at any time to fit your needs.

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